The "Roof Sensor Module" integrates sensors, cameras and accompanying features into the roof system of autonomous vehicles.
( Source: Webasto)

Intelligent roof Webasto shows its " Roof Sensor Module"

| Editor: Florian Richert

Webasto presented the "Roof Sensor Module" in Frankfurt. The automotive supplier is thus integrating the sensors of automated vehicles into the roof system.

Webasto presented the "Roof Sensor Module" as a premiere in Frankfurt. The system integrates sensors, cameras and associated features into the roof system of autonomous vehicles. The roof equipped with sensors fits into the vehicle as a whole. Since unattractive roof superstructures are avoided in this way, freedom of design remains with the automobile manufacturers. According to Webasto, the sensors can also be integrated into the roof system in such a way that transparent and openable roofs can also be realized.

Integrated cooling and heating system for the sensors

For the Roof Sensor Module, Webasto uses coated polycarbonate - a particularly scratch-resistant and 3D formable material - among other materials. Thanks to these properties, the sensors can be seamlessly integrated. A heating and cooling system ensures that the sensors function even under extreme weather conditions. In order to avoid contamination, Webasto has also integrated a targeted cleaning concept.

With the "Multi Optional Roof" (MOR), Webasto already offers a system for roof systems with which different roof systems can be mounted on a vehicle body shell variant. According to the company, this is intended to reduce complexity and at the same time create more flexibility in vehicle development. The MOR is suitable for both conventional and autonomous cars.

This article was first published in German by Automobil Industrie.