The Porsche fully electric race car 99C Electric.
The Porsche fully electric race car 99C Electric.
( Source: Porsche)

Formula E The Porsche 99X Electric enters its maiden Formula E season with ANSYS technology

Author / Editor: Erika Granath / Erika Granath

Porsche's first-ever all-electric race car uses ANSYS simulation software in its advanced powertrain to deliver unmatched energy efficiency. The Porsche 99X Electric is racing to the finish line of the 2019/2020 Formula E Championship.

The TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team is offering electrifying wheel-to-wheel action in the 2019/2020 ABB FIA Formula E Championship through a new collaboration with ANSYS. Porsche Motorsport engineers are using ANSYS' industry-leading simulation solutions to create an advanced electric powertrain. The electric powertrain will increase Porsche's first 100 percent electric race car, the Porsche 99X Electric's, energy efficiency substantially.

Porsche engineers are creating the next-generation Porsche E-Performance Powertrain with ANSYS technology. ANSYS system-level solutions give the Porsche 99X Electric a critical competitive edge.

Pushing enginering bountries in the e-moblity era

After proving itself on the track, Porsche will leverage the electric powertrain of the Porsche 99X Electric to push engineering boundaries and usher in a new era of commercial e-mobility vehicles. The car's 800-volt technology is currently being used in the series production of the fully electric Porsche Taycan.

"ANSYS system-level simulations are instrumental for optimizing the Porsche E-Performance Powertrain's motor, gearbox, power electronics, and control software, allowing the Porsche 99X Electric to sustain unprecedented speeds over long distances while conserving as much energy as possible," said Fritz Enzinger, vice president, Porsche Motorsport in a press release.

The Porche Code

Porsche standard naming convention, the Porsche Code, for their racing cars and two-door sports cars include three digits. For their new electric race car, the highest number, nine, was used twice, to re-emphasize the importance of the Formula E project for Porsche. The X stands for the forward-looking approach and prototype racing.

The Porsche 99X Electric has Porsche's traditional motorsport colors. From a bird's-eye view, the Porsche emblem is clearly visible around the Halo system.

Automakers are attracted to the Formula E series

The Formula E series has made big strides since it first arrived in 2014. Starting last season, the competing cars use 52 kilowatt-hour (KWh) batteries instead of 28 KWh batteries. The jump in battery power means that drivers now can complete an entire race without swapping cars halfway through.

This season, Formula E has its highest number of automaker teams to date with Porsche and Mercedes-Benz joining Nissan, Jaguar, Audi, BMW, DS, Nio and Mahindra in the motorsport championship that uses only battery-powered cars.