Electrical drive components are a vital part of modern technology.
Electrical drive components are a vital part of modern technology.
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SCARCITY OF MATERIALS Supply problems for materials and components due to strong demand for electric drives

Author: Florian Richert

Based on a current study by the Fraunhofer Institute IAO, the ZVEI, which commissioned the study, warns of a bottleneck in the supply of electric drive components. In particular, the increasing demand for electric mobility applications is influencing this development.

Electrical drive components are a vital part of modern automation technology and a central component of the entire industrial plant construction. However, the manufacturing capacities available in Europe can hardly meet future demand. One reason for this is the upturn in electromobility, according to a recent study by the Fraunhofer Institute IAO commissioned by the ZVEI.

"Increasing sales of battery and hybrid-powered vehicles with relatively short product life cycles pose a threat to the security of supply for the electric drive industry and other industrial sectors," warns Gunther Koschnick, ZVEI's Director of the Automation section. Due to the significant increase in demand from the automotive industry, shortages of key components such as power semiconductors and electrical sheets are threatening. The situation is aggravated by the dependence on manufacturers from a few countries.

Demand for policy framework

To prevent future supply bottlenecks, the ZVEI calls for suitable economic policy framework conditions to strengthen the investment climate for the supply industry in Europe. "Security of supply and resilient value chains must become a central concern to strengthen the drive industry, which is characterized by small and medium-sized enterprises," Koschnick continued. Otherwise, bottlenecks of materials and components also threaten the mechanical engineering, automotive, and renewable energy sectors.


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