Sion is the first production electric vehicle with integrated solar cells and mobility services.
Sion is the first production electric vehicle with integrated solar cells and mobility services.
( Source: Sono Motors)

Connected Car Sono Motors cooperates with Bosch

Author / Editor: Jürgen Schreier / Florian Richert

The electric car manufacturer Sono Motors cooperates with Bosch in the connected car sector. Sion will have integrated car, ride and power sharing and will be able to charge itself independently through solar integration.

The German mobility provider Sono Motors announces its cooperation with Bosch. In addition to the central control unit, Bosch will also provide a software-based solution for the intelligent connectivity of Sion. The first series-produced electric vehicle with solar integration is designed for maximum efficiency through car, ride and power sharing offerings.

Sion gets Connectivity Control Unit from Bosch

Sion's data connection to the cloud will in future be controlled by a Connectivity Control Unit (CCU) from the leading supplier to the automotive industry and the Bosch Automotive Cloud Suite, which also supports many of the functions of Sono Motors' goSono App. Networking with the cloud is the basis for digital mobility services such as the charging service for electric vehicles and the automatic emergency call service eCall.

Roberto Diesel, Chief Technology Officer at Sono Motors, is convinced that "Sustainable mobility must be designed to be climate- and resource-conserving, and must be significantly more efficient than before. He adds: "Private vehicles remain unused for an average of 23 hours a day. They exacerbate the problem of limited inner-city parking space and are often used by just one person. Integrated mobility functions are therefore a central component of our vehicle concept."

Increase vehicle utilization with mobility servicesn

Sono Motors' concept is based on the idea of making the vehicle accessible to as many users as possible. Using an intuitive mobile application that integrates all mobility services, the vehicle itself, a journey or energy can be shared.

In addition to the issue of environmental and climate protection, the company is also addressing the long-term problems of an overloaded infrastructure, which can ultimately only be solved by reducing and significantly increasing the utilization of the produced vehicle. In addition to vehicle development and production, the second pillar of Sono Motors' business model is to offer mobility services.

Sono Motors recently introduced Continental, as a supplier of Sion's electric drive system, and its partnership with ElringKlinger in the field of battery development and production. The company currently has around 9300 prepaid orders for the Sion. Production is scheduled to start at the end of 2019.

This article was first published in German by Bandbreite IO.