The Irish Aviation Authority picks Nokia to upgrade its communications systems with IP/MPLS.
The Irish Aviation Authority picks Nokia to upgrade its communications systems with IP/MPLS.
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Air Traffic Nokia deploys next-gen air traffic control network for Irish Aviation

Author / Editor: Erika Granath / Erika Granath

Nokia's technology has been deployed by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) to upgrade the air traffic control network at its new West Ireland disaster recovery center.

Nokia announced on Wednesday that the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has used its IP/MPLS networking products as part of an upgrade from legacy services to a next-gen network.

Nokia's high-bandwidth IP/MPLS network has increased IAA's capacity to help ensure the operation of new, more demanding air traffic control (ATC) applications at IAA's new West Ireland disaster recovery center. Furthermore, the new network provides support for legacy, non-IP applications, including end-to-end communications between radar stations.

North Atlantic airspace one of the most crowded worldwide

Nokia and IAA have conducted a great number of successful live trials across multiple airspace sectors in the critical North Atlantic region since early 2019. During these trials, critical voice and radar services were delivered to controllers over the new Nokia IP/MPLS platform.

The successful deployment of the network precedes the expected doubling of global air traffic by 2030. The North Atlantic airspace is one of the most crowded airspaces in the world, and as the traffic continues to grow, the IAA is likely to need more capacity. Following the positive results of Nokia and IAA's live trials, Nokia will continue to provide IAA with long-term support and maintenance services.

"Given our responsibility to ensure the smooth operation of the North Atlantic airspace, it has been crucial that Nokia earn our trust," said Billy Hann, Director of ATM Operations and Strategy for the IAA, in a press release. "The quality and reliability of its technology and the thoroughness and collaborative approach of its teams have been first class throughout the entire migration process. We are very pleased and confident in the performance of the new network."

Nokia's IP/MPLS networking products designed to support legacy applications

Modern ATC management applications can scale to meet the type of high demand IAA is expected to have as the air traffic in the region three-fold. Though for this to be possible, different kind of network connectivity based on IP, such as Nokia's IP/MPLS, is required. Nokia has a long history of building mission-critical networks for critical infrastructures, such as air traffic control.

Nokia's IP/MPLS networking products are designed from the start to support legacy applications, as well as the latest capabilities for high-availability, mission-critical connectivity.