Cooperation develops new High Definition light source for automotive front lighting applications.
Cooperation develops new High Definition light source for automotive front lighting applications.
( Source: Nichia)

automotive suppliers Nichia and Infineon: HD solution for adaptive headlights

Author / Editor: Maximiliane Reichhardt / Florian Richert

Nichia and Infineon cooperate to develop an HD light source for front light applications. The automotive suppliers want to improve safety and driving comfort as well as reduce energy consumption.

Nichia and Infineon intend to develop a High Definition (HD) light source with over 16,000 micro LEDs for front lighting applications. Unlike HD solutions currently in use, the new device will provide high-resolution light for the driver's entire field of vision.

Increased safety through HD light

"The resolution of our LED matrix light will be about 180 times higher than the comparable solutions we see on the road today," says Kanji Bando, head of Nichia's Advanced R&D Center. "This paves the way for improved safety functions." HD light can, for example, warn the driver of dangers by illuminating people or objects on the roadside. It can also project markings onto the road - for example, to make it easier for the driver to drive through a construction site.

The new solution will be more energy-efficient.

Andreas Doll

The HD light source will be equipped with Nichia's micro LED technology and a new driver IC from Infineon. "Our chip will provide individual control and diagnostics for each of the 16,000 micro LEDs," says Andreas Doll, Vice President and General Manager of the Body Power business unit in Infineon's Automotive Division. "In addition, the new solution will also be more energy efficient, as we only need to switch on the LEDs that are actually needed for a light pattern. Current micro-mirror solutions, on the other hand, switch on all LEDs and deflect excess light.

Start of production: 2023

The new HD light will also simplify complex design and production processes at the vehicle manufacturer and increase user-friendliness for the driver. For instance, there are different lighting requirements for left-hand and right-hand drivers. With the HD light source, the necessary adjustments could be made digitally in the factory or easily activated by the driver as an on-demand function. According to Infineon, the production start of the HD light source is planned for 2023 as part of Nichia's automotive LED and laser portfolio.

This article was first published in German by Automobil Industrie.