Used commercial vehicles get a second life after electrification.
Used commercial vehicles get a second life after electrification.
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SUSTAINABLE CONVERSION New cooperation intends to set next e-mobility milestone

Editor: Florian Richert

Quantron AG's cooperation with MAN TopUsed offers a sustainable solution for many lease returns and young, used commercial vehicles. These utility vehicles get electrified by Quantron and, if required, equipped with a fuel cell.

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As part of the still young cooperation, Quantron AG offers, e.g., vehicles of the MAN TGL 7.5 tonne series. The electrification of a MAN TGL 7.5 tonne 4x2 BL (box or tarpaulin) in the Quantron version QHM-8-130 with a new chassis number (range of approx. 250 km, the motor with 150 kW, battery guarantee of five years) is already being offered.

Problem solver for the OEMs

"We don't see ourselves as a competitor to the OEMs, but as their problem solver," says Andreas Haller, founder, and CEO of Quantron AG. On 1 January 2020, around 65.8 million commercial vehicles were registered in Germany, 1.6 percent more than on the same date in 2018 (source transport-online). Up to 40% of these vehicles will come back to the manufacturers as lease returns or young used vehicles. "We can convert almost any OEM brand," says Andreas Haller with a bold look ahead. The cooperation with MAN TopUsed gives Quantron AG access to many young used vehicles, which can then converted for customers according to their needs, either fully electric or with a fuel cell - and all within 6 to 8 weeks. These vehicles then go on to a second, quiet, and CO2-free life. Thanks to this approach, Quantron AG saves CO2 emissions for the resulting lack of production of new e-vehicles.

Quantron AG was founded in 2019 with the vision of paving the way for e-mobility in inner-city and regional passenger and freight transport. The importance of diesel drives will steadily decrease. In order to achieve future climate and CO2 targets, the proportion of low-emission or zero-emission commercial vehicles must also increase. Politicians react with driving bans and higher taxes in order to achieve the specified values. With its innovative and practical e-mobility solutions, Quantron AG offers an answer for all craft businesses and transport companies, for municipal vehicles as well as for vehicles in passenger transport and at airports.