Lidar sensor detects objects up to 250 m away.
Lidar sensor detects objects up to 250 m away.
( Bild: Blickfeld)

Lidar sensor Lidar sensor detects objects up to 250 meters away

Author / Editor: Hendrik Härter / Jochen Schwab

The Cube Range is a MEMS-based lidar sensor capable of detecting objects up to 250 m long. A software evaluates the data in real-time.

The MEMS-based Lidar sensor Cube Range of the Munich-based company Blickfeld detects objects at a distance of up to 250 meters. It was designed as a robust and powerful 3D solid-state lidar for the mass market. Its range is 150 meters with a reflectivity of 10%. The maximum range of up to 250 meters is possible with higher reflectivity. In addition, the Cube Range offers a resolution of 0.18°.

With its resolution and range, the Cube Range serves the need to detect moving objects with great accuracy. The lidar sensor generates a dense 3D point cloud and then evaluates the measured values in real-time using a software stack developed in-house. The technology used guarantees that the environment is precisely detected even in darkness, fog or strong sunlight. Patented silicon MEMS mirrors and commercially available components are used.

Autonomous vehicles are only one application example of the Lidar sensor. The sensor is also used in security, agricultural and smart city environments. Blickfeld was founded in Munich in 2017 and has developed its own lidar technology.

This article was first published in German by Next Mobility.