Headquarter of Infineon in Neubiberg near Munich.
Headquarter of Infineon in Neubiberg near Munich.
( Bild: Infineon)

AI capabilities Infineon and Synopsys develop real-time capabilities for microcontrollers

Author / Editor: Maximiliane Reichhardt / Florian Richert

The semiconductor company Infineon is working with Synopsys to develop accelerators for artificial intelligence in automotive applications.

Infineon intends to implement KI-supported applications with its future microcontrollers. To achieve this, the semiconductor specialist is now cooperating with the software company Synopsys. The next generation of Aurix microcontrollers from Infineon will integrate a new high-performance AI accelerator. Specially designed ARC-EV processor IP from Synopsys will be used in this parallel Processing Unit (PPU).

PPU intended to increase AI capabilities

"With the PPU developed together with Synopsys, we are ensuring that our future microcontrollers will meet the demands on computing power that are increasing with AI," says Peter Schäfer, head of the microcontroller business in Infineon's Automotive Division. "We are therefore preparing the Aurix for data-intensive automotive applications such as future gateways and advanced driver assistance systems". Aurix microcontrollers already support certain types of neural networks, but the PPU is designed to increase their real-time and AI capabilities. As a result, the microcontrollers will also be able to process data from highly developed sensors, which is currently not possible due to the high real-time requirements. According to Infineon, the PPU will accelerate KI algorithms such as RNN (Recurrent Neural Network), MLP (Multi-Layer Perceptron), CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) and RBF (Radial Basis Function).

Methods for intrusion detection

For the rapid development of the safety specifications of the application software, Synopsys offers the "Meta-Ware EV Development Toolkit for Safety", to support the EV processor. The aim is for the Aurix toolchain to be able to support model-based designs and therefore new strategies for software design. By supporting CNN, the PPU will also facilitate the development of holistic security systems. According to Infineon, it will enable multi-layered security concepts that support techniques for Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) systems.

This article was first published in German by Automobil Industrie.