Example of NXP/Unity HMI display.
Example of NXP/Unity HMI display.
( Source: Business Wire)

HMI Human machine interface content to drive your car

Author / Editor: Luke James / Erika Granath

In early January, Unity Technologies announced that the company is collaborating with NXP Semiconductors – the world’s largest provider of automotive semiconductors – to develop a Human Machine Interface (HMI) toolchain that can create modern vehicle experiences in mass production vehicles.

Unity Technologies announced on January 7 of this year that it is collaborating with NXP Semiconductors to develop an HMI toolchain that creates modern vehicle experiences in mass produced vehicles.

The toolchain will operate on NXP’s i.MX 8QuadMax Applications Processor and provide automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across all tiers with the ability to utilize Unity’s real-time 3D rendering technology.

Improving the driving experience

The collaboration will allow drivers to experience Unity-powered content – which includes everything from advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to real-time navigation and 3D maps to Unity games – regardless of the vehicle’s type or cost.

“Every driver wants to stay connected to their devices, but for the value-minded driver that is often not an option unless they are willing to buy a higher-priced trim level or luxury car,” said Tim McDonough, General Manager of Industrial, Unity Technologies.

“Unity’s collaboration with NXP provides the opportunity for immersive HMI systems to be placed into all vehicles of all costs, allowing consumers to have a high fidelity and immersive interface so they can play games, connect their smartphone and engage with their vehicle”, he added.

Shorter timelines for HMI prototype development

Unity’s 3D rendering technology platform allows OEMs to shorten their timelines for HMI prototype development, increasing efficiency and speed to reduce time to market. It also provides an unmatched experience for artists, developers, engineers, and UI/UX developers working on these HMI systems.

“NXP’s i.MX 8 QuadMax applications processors are powering entirely new, personalized and interactive control hubs that are fueling immersive infotainment experiences of the future,” said Ron Martino, Vice President and General Manager, i.MX applications processors for NXP Semiconductors. “With expanded digital clusters, our innovative infotainment and in-vehicle automotive solutions adjust to driver preferences seamlessly, while advanced HMI support enables voice commands, gestures, augmented reality, and advanced personalization – all with an eye toward driver safety.”

The platform also includes a unified HMI toolchain that covers the full breadth of the product cycle of design, prototyping, development, and mass product deployment. With millions of developers contributing to the Unity Asset Store, customizable content will be widely available to OEMs, helping them realise new features.

Unity works with eight of the world’s 10 largest automotive OEMs and experts from major automotive companies, in addition to its NXP collaboration, and helps them improve the way they design, build, service, and sell automobiles and automobile-related products.

Overall, the Unity-NXP collaboration will make it far easier for OEMs to bring their HMI designs to market with NXP chipsets.