For Hella, energy management in hybrid and all-electric vehicles is one of the strongest growth areas.
For Hella, energy management in hybrid and all-electric vehicles is one of the strongest growth areas.
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Electric mobility Hella provides support for hybrid and all-electric drives

Author / Editor: Hendrik Härter / Florian Richert

In the increasingly difficult automotive supply market, Hella will position itself more strongly as a supplier of key components. These include battery sensors and battery electronics for high-voltage applications.

Light and optoelectronic components for all aspects of mobility are an important growth market for Hella. To achieve this, the company is positioning itself along the central automotive market trends of autonomous driving, efficiency and electrification, connectivity and digitalisation as well as individualisation. At this year's Capital Markets Day, the company presented its strategic orientation in electric mobility to investors and analysts in more detail.

"The electrification of vehicles is gaining further momentum," said Dr. Rolf Breidenbach, Chairman of Hella's Board of Management. "For us, this means a wide range of opportunities. Energy management, for example, is one of our fastest growing business fields today. Within the next five years, we want to triple our sales. We will be making targeted investments in further product solutions for the various levels of electrification and thus making a significant contribution to clean mobility."

From battery sensors to high-voltage battery electronics

In order to accompany customers on their way to electric mobility, Hella offers a product range from battery sensors for micro hybrids (automatic start/stop) through power electronics for mild hybrid vehicles on 48 V to battery electronics for high-voltage applications in full hybrids and fully electric vehicles. The company plans to supply key components for this purpose in the future: voltage converters and intelligent battery sensors. Hella is also planning to increasingly position itself as a supplier of subsystems in electric mobility.

Core products are mainly mild hybrids such as the PowerPack with a voltage of 48 V and the dual-voltage battery management system. The PowerPack 48 V is specially designed for higher power vehicles. It combines a lithium-ion battery block with 48 V including battery management and voltage converter in one product. The dual-voltage battery management system is designed for compact and mid-range vehicles. It combines the separate products of 48-volt mild hybridisation within a single product in the installation space of a conventional lead-acid battery. This makes it easy to integrate the system into the existing vehicle architecture. The intelligent circuit of the cells enables the capacity of the Li-Ion batteries to be used in the 12 V vehicle electrical system or the 48 V vehicle electrical system, depending on the application.

As other suppliers to the automotive industry, Hella is affected by the current difficult market situation. The strategic orientation is intended to help compensate for the market situation.

This article was first published in German by Next Mobility.