Eleven new members support the ISELED Alliance.
Eleven new members support the ISELED Alliance.
( Bild: Inova Semiconductors)

LED in vehicles Eleven new members support ISELED

Author / Editor: Hendrik Härter / Florian Richert

The ISELED Alliance is strengthened: Eleven new members are developing the ecosystem for vehicle lighting.

Light in the vehicle will become an increasingly important design element, but will also increasingly take on functional tasks in the future. When the five founding members of the ISELED Alliance joined forces in autumn 2016, they set themselves the goal of offering a comprehensive system solution comprising LED and controller. In recent weeks alone, the number of alliance members supporting ISELED has doubled from 11 (as of November 2018) to 22 companies. The spectrum ranges from semiconductor manufacturers to lighting/design specialists to the large tier automotive suppliers. This covers the entire value chain in order to establish ISELED as a standard solution - beyond the automotive industry in the future.

In the future, the possibilities will extend far beyond interior lighting, for which ISELED was originally designed. For example, a dynamic display backlight should also be possible. "We are working on the first systems for outdoor lighting - also for car-man communication - and are currently introducing a new fieldbus based on ISELED, the ICN (ISELED Communication Network), which in future will connect not only lighting elements but also sensors and actuators," reports Robert Kraus, CEO of Inova Semiconductors.

Broad spectrum of members

The broad spectrum of newly added alliance members will give a further boost to the already high dynamics at ISELED: in addition to LED manufacturers such as Brightek from Taiwan or ITSWELL from Korea, Allegro MicroSystems from the USA, manufacturers of power and sensor semiconductors, the Bamberg company UG-System for test systems and ISYS RTS from Munich for software development. Lightworks from Holzkirchen and feno from Oberhaching are responsible for lighting design and the development of the corresponding electronics. Both companies are located in the Munich area. The company novem from Vorbach (Bavaria), which sees itself as the world market leader for high-quality decorative parts and decorative functional elements in vehicle interiors, is also a new member of the ISELED alliance. The same applies to the globally operating Prettl group from Pfullingen (Baden-Württemberg), which offers the complete package of sophisticated, high-quality lighting and plastic modules/systems for vehicle interiors and exteriors.

The ISELED Alliance is pleased to announce that Hella and Grupo Antolin, two leading automotive lighting suppliers, have joined the ISELED ecosystem. "The ISELED technology enables us to equip the vehicle interiors that we develop and manufacture with even better lighting solutions," said Markus Daubner, Technical Director Ambient Lighting at Grupo Antolin. "The technical combination of LED and microcontroller is very exciting for us, and that is why we are involved in the first series applications.

This article was first published in German by Elektronik Praxis.