Nabtesco cycloid transmissions provide enormous improvements in battery production efficiency.
Nabtesco cycloid transmissions provide enormous improvements in battery production efficiency.
( Source: Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH)

Battery Production Cycloid transmission for future mobility

Editor: Florian Richert

Nabtesco brings battery production up to speed. The cycloid gears offer high precision, dynamic, and rigidity, enabling shorter cycle times, product quality, and higher production volumes.

The success of electromobility stands or falls with the performance of the battery. It is the heart of every e-vehicle but, at the same time, the most expensive component. Therefore, the major challenge facing manufacturers is increasing cell efficiency and, above all, optimizing processes. What is needed are innovative technologies and drive concepts that raise highly automated battery production to a new level of efficiency and productivity. Cycloid transmissions from Nabtesco are the key to greater efficiency. Thanks to their unique design, they are more precise, dynamic, and rigid than the worm and standard planetary gearheads commonly used—the result: shorter cycle times, higher productivity, and lower costs. Time savings of up to 40 percent are possible for individual process steps.

Cycloidal gear units for battery production

Six out of ten industrial robots contain solutions from Nabtesco. The transmission specialist with European headquarters in Düsseldorf is the undisputed market leader in robotics. However, the gears do not only do an excellent job in robots but also in the peripherals. In battery production, it is above all the countless handling and positioning applications that benefit from the specific properties of Nabtesco gearboxes - whether folding, stacking, winding, fixing, filling, mounting, or inserting into the chassis. Wherever exact positioning and absolute reliability are required in the manufacturing process, cycloidal gearboxes are the first choice. A further plus is if robots and peripherals are equipped with the same gear technology, optimum cooperation, and perfect performance guaranteed. Particularly against the background of the growing segment of robot-supported positioning and the increasing merging of robot and periphery, this is of central importance.

Power, precision and high speed

Whether completely enclosed gear units (gear heads), highly dynamic servo gears, or robust rotary tables: With its broad product range, comprehensive automation know-how, and high level of development competence, Nabtesco covers almost all applications in battery production. The cycloidal gearboxes feature high torque performance, an enormous shock load capacity (up to five times the nominal torque), and minimal backlash over the entire service life (hysteresis loss < 1 arcmin). The two-stage reduction principle also ensures excellent behavior in terms of dynamics and smooth running as well as high repeatability and path accuracy. The integrated angular contact ball bearings support axial as well as radial loads and bending moments. These contribute to the high torsional rigidity and resistance to shock and overload. Nabtesco develops all transmission solutions together with the customer and adapts them correctly to the respective application.