The IoT conference "Bosch Connected World" was held in Berlin from May 15 to 16, 2019.
The IoT conference "Bosch Connected World" was held in Berlin from May 15 to 16, 2019.
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versatile supplier Bosch's vendor's tray for connected mobility

Author / Editor: Svenja Gelowicz / Florian Richert

At the in-house IoT conference "Bosch Connected World", the Stuttgart-based technology company presented its broad portfolio for networking vehicles and infrastructure. The blockchain is of great importance for this.

At the in-house IoT conference, Bosch presents its products for networking vehicles and infrastructure. There is a shuttle study fully equipped with Bosch technology, which the supplier will present to the public on various occasions: E axis or control unit, but also the sensors for automated driving should generate attention. Finally, as the company recently announced, sales of this technology are expected to grow by almost 15 percent this year; sales of radar sensors are expected to rise by 20 percent and sales of video sensors by 30 percent.

The shuttle will also be represented at the IoT conference Bosch Connected World - but not in the foreground. Instead, the focus is on networking vehicles with the urban infrastructure: a huge market. As a key technology, Bosch cites so-called distributed ledger technologies (DLT), a technology for documenting transactions - including block chains. In the Internet of Things, vehicles and infrastructure are to communicate with each other and also automatically conclude contracts - for example, with e-car shops or parking.

Bosch and Start-up Chargery want to charge cars with mobile phones

Bosch also needs smart payment technology for other mobility services: range forecasting, route planning along loading stops or the ability to reserve restaurants or loading stations within seconds. Keyword: charging: If it's Bosch, it won't even require more charging stations in the future. Together with the Berlin start-up Chargery, the supplier is working on a mobile charging service: a freight bicycle brings electricity to the car.

Bosch Partner is not only getting on board with Chargery: mobility takes place in an ecosystem, Bosch knows, and is also getting some of the other players on the stage in Berlin for this - for example Jaguar Land Rover's Chief Technology Officer, Nick Rogers. He raves about how the large amounts of data help his engineers better understand passengers and, as a result, make vehicles "even better.

Bosch wants to make a good profit with the Internet of Things in the future, as shown not only by the 52 million Internet-enabled products that the automotive supplier claims to have already sold in 2018. Whether this will ease the worries in view of the cautious outlook for the current year is another matter.

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