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InnoTrans starts digital preview for 2021

InnoTrans starts digital preview for 2021

InnoTrans Preview will bring the industry together on a digital platform from 21 September to give you a foretaste of the highlights of the coming year. The InnoTrans Preview will focus on innovations in the segments Railway Technology, Railway Infrastructure, Public Transport, Interiors and Tunnel Construction.

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Costs for development and production of battery packs are the reason for high prices of electric vehicles.
Battery Production

How are Electric Car Batteries Made?

Vastly different from your typical sealed lead acid car battery, an EV’s battery is a power pack like none other. Manufacturing this style of battery uses materials and process that are on a completely different scale, and every part of it is intentional.

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Schaeffler is fighting the pandemic with its own resources.

Schaeffler responds to the COVID 19 crisis with a series of specific measures

During this crisis, the German automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler also faced the question, "How can we help?". Within a short time, the company has designed and implemented various projects at its worldwide locations that solve region-specific COVID-19-related problems. This illustrates that versatility and agility are key elements for the supplier industry, not only in this crisis but also in the constantly changing mobility market.

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