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Sensors can be integrated in the liquid phase due to the special way of manufacturing "intelligent" friction linings.

Self-diagnosis of intelligent brake pads

Acceleration is essential, but braking is even more critical. The Darmstadt Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF and its partners have researched intelligent brake pads with integrated sensors that enable self-diagnosis.

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InnoTrans starts digital preview for 2021

InnoTrans starts digital preview for 2021

InnoTrans Preview will bring the industry together on a digital platform from 21 September to give you a foretaste of the highlights of the coming year. The InnoTrans Preview will focus on innovations in the segments Railway Technology, Railway Infrastructure, Public Transport, Interiors and Tunnel Construction.

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Tesla aims to improve the battery technology it uses in its vehicles on their own.

Tesla to develop own batteries in the future

The Tesla management announced their plans for its battery development. This decision emphasizes electric vehicle manufacturers' importance in developing future batteries themselves to meet their own models' requirements. Furthermore, access to the resources necessary for battery production is a relevant factor, which the manufacturers want to control more closely themselves.

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New studies on highest automation levels in regional and mainline transport railway systems.

Innovative research projects on the safety of automated railways

Siemens Mobility and prominent partners have won two innovative research projects from the German Center for Rail Traffic Research to study the safety of automated rail operations. The aim is to define the criteria needed for approving fully automated regional and mainline rail service. The two projects will be funded with €1.7 million and are scheduled to run for 30 months.

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Wirelessly transmitted electricity will supply the mobility of the future with electricity
wireless charging

No cables attached: electricity transmitted wirelessly

Electric cars, plug-in hybrid vehicles, robots, and industrial machines can soon be charged with high power using wireless transmission. The aim is to replace the power cables needed to charge electric vehicles and in industrial applications with wireless power transmission - a technology that is making rapid progress thanks to intensive investment in research and development.

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