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LiDAR's potential integration into vehicles may create a marketplace worth as much as $2.5 billion by 2030.

LiDAR systems: costs, integration, and major manufacturers

LiDAR is quickly becoming a "must-have" technology for self-driving vehicles. Until now, a large footprint, high cost, and other limitations have prevented LiDAR from being easily integrated into production autos. But all this is about to change as industry players make deals with each other and rapidly release new products.

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Put simply, a powertrain is a producer, converter and consumer of energy, all with the aim of getting the vehicle to move.

What's a powertrain?

From the lowliest hatchback to the sleekest supercar, every motor vehicle has one thing in common: a powertrain. It’s the collection of components—the engine, transmission and driveshaft—that work together to get the vehicle in motion.

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Voyage's vehicles are equipped with the best sensors available, giving us a 360-degree picture of the world hundreds of meters from the car.
AV Platform

An Overview of Autonomous Car Tech Platforms—North America, Part II

Plenty of automakers have announced or shown off self-driving vehicles. But the majority of these companies are not creating their own self-driving hardware and software systems in-house; they’ve either acquired specialized firms to create these systems for them or are outsourcing the work to third parties. Some of the most respected leaders in this growing market segment are in the United States and Canada.

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The market for vehicles with autonomous capability may be valued as much as USD$3 trillion or more by 2040 or shortly thereafter.
AV Technology

Why are companies investing so much in Autonomous Vehicle technology?

A profusion of news stories talk about how much the market for autonomous vehicles (AVs) will be worth in the future while ignoring a basic truism—that the amount of money a consumer will spend on a car likely won't be rising by that much (adjusted for inflation). Also, the number of cars on roads will almost surely be decreasing as time goes on—not increasing—due to intelligent and shared mobility. Thus, the large sums of capital going into R&D for AVs may be more about chasing deep-pocketed competitors (such as Google sister company Waymo or GM's Cruise) than about long-term returns on investment.

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Like a Wi-Fi connection, DSRC allows for over-the-air data transmission.

What is DSRC dedicated short range communications?

Have you ever wondered how connected cars would be able to operate driver-assist systems without a cellular connection? It's the same for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) or vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication, designed to enhance road safety. One protocol under development is DSRC—Dedicated Short Range Communications.

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