The "SunForce m-PPE" particle foam is designed to insulate electric vehicle batteries and protect them in accidents, for example.
( Bild: Asahi Kasei)

K 2019 Asahi Kasei: Particle foam for lithium ion batteries

| Editor: Florian Richert

Asahi Kasei presents a particle foam at K 2019. It should offer new possibilities in the field of heat management and fire protection for lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries only develop their full capacity at a stable temperature, but air conditioning is energy-intensive. In addition, safety regulations on fire protection and crash behavior, for example, must be observed. With "SunForce", Asahi Kasei has developed a particle foam based on the technical plastic "m-PPE", which has a certified flame retardant effect and good thermal insulation properties.

At the same time, the plastic acts as a lightweight, shock-absorbing material for vehicle batteries. The product is, therefore suitable for use in automotive battery housings, lightweight shock absorbers, sandwich composite cores with carbon fiber reinforcement and thermal insulation applications.

Steam-forming production

The processing can be carried out in the steam forming process, in which the foam beads are filled into a mold, expanded and simultaneously melted by means of the heat from the steam. Compared to the injection molding process, the steam molding process requires considerably less pressure. This enables the use of an aluminum mold, which can be manufactured at ten to 20 percent of the cost of a steel tool used in the injection molding process. Moreover, according to the company, fewer raw materials are required.

This article was first published in German by Automobil Industrie.