5G in mobility systems

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Fast data connections are essential for future mobility. The new mobile communications standard 5G can bring benefits and opportunities to the mobility sector. Existing and emerging companies will utilise the technology for mobility applications.

5G is set to power a genuine revolution in mobility. The latest global wireless standard is already starting to transform how we use, operate and interact with mobility systems, thanks to improved bandwidth, capacity and latency, enabling huge volumes of data to be sent and received, paving the way for the mass-market rollout of autonomous vehicles.
The white paper examines the following aspects of 5G technology in mobility applications.
  • What is 5G? And how is it being used at present?
  • 5G in mobility applications: existing, new and potential use cases
    • Autonomous vehicles
    • Outlook for (non-autonomous) connected cars
    • Retrofitting cars with 5G technology
    • Standards for connected and autonomous vehicles
    • Public transport
    • Local public transport
    • Long-distance transport
    • Micromobility
    • Vulnerable road users
    • Mobility-as-a-Service
  • Network development: challenges, economic impact and timeframe
    • Challenges in the mobility sector
    • Timeframe for 5G rollout
  • Conclusion


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